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Craving A Digital Detox? Then It’s Time For Board Games!

Feel like it’s time to give your brain a break from all the tech? Turn off the digital mode and tune in to board games. This stunning activity makes the unplugging process painless and gives you endless moments of fun.

What is a digital detox and why do you need it? 

No matter whether we like technology or not, it is part of our lives. At work, at school, when we shop, or simply when we want to relax, we spend hours in front of all kinds of screens. We have to recognize that technology has improved our lives, but like any overused thing, it can become overwhelming and even harmful to our health. That’s why taking a total or partial break, short or long term, is more than a trend, it’s a necessity.

And this is how a new concept was born: digital detox. It has no scientific definition, but it means the temporary renunciation of digital tools or certain aspects of technology. A total digital detox involves giving up for a while all gadgets internet-connected: smartphone, tablet, computer, TV, video games, and other digital devices you currently use.

It can be impossible to disconnect completely. But even a few hours a day of unplugging works wonders. Your brain will be deeply grateful.

Why board games for a digital detox? 

Beyond all the benefits and progress humanity has made through it, technology has many side effects. Chronic fatigue, anxiety, or withdrawal from real life are just a few of them.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we all are addicted to technology. And regular breaks from the virtual world can help us prevent serious damages. It’s crucial to realize that you need a time out and then find healthy alternatives to spend your time off. Board games are perfect tools for unplugging and here’s 5 reasons why:

  • They bring you from the screens to the board in the most playful way possible and make you forget the gadgets for a long time.
  • Board games increase productivity and as you notice this, you will include a daily routine board game schedule in your life.
  • You will improve both mental and physical health by playing board games regularly.
  • You will enjoy tons of happy moments and accomplishment feelings as board games stimulate dopamine production and endorphin-releasing.
  • Board games connect people in the real world so it is your chance to strengthen family relations or friendships, to spend quality time with your beloved ones and create unforgettable memories. 

How to do digital detox through board games?

Embarking on board game adventures is a fantastic way to make digital detox. But if you want to benefit more from all the advantages you need to have a plan and stick to it. Here are 5 tips that will help you make your digital detox through board games more effectively:

1. Make a board game schedule 

The advantage of board games is that you may use them both in a total and a partial detox. But first you need to see what you actually want. Afterwards you may create a schedule: it can be a daily one, with 1 or many hours to play or it can be a schedule for some days and hours when you can stay totally unplugged.

You may use a digital calendar and set up some alarms that will let you know it is time to put your phone aside and join the real life world through board games. Once the alarm is turned off, take the phone to another room. That way, you’ll avoid the temptation to check your notifications during the game.

I used to plan my virtual-free days in this way. For each day I choose a different board game as I played with my children and they love to try all kinds of board games. We played Go go, bro for hours, we invented many new words with Crossle and we even joined Dacula’s party on rainy Halloween’s day. We still have those board game sessions, but now we don’t need to schedule them, they’re in our daily routine.

2. Choose board games suitable for all participants

Do you play as a couple, family, with your children, or with a group of friends? For all these situations and many more, there are board games to suit. The age of the participants, the level of knowledge, and common hobbies are just some of the aspects to consider when deciding to replace technology with classic games.

Here are 3 recommendations, that will bring you incredible moments of fun in 3 particular situations:

  • Families with children: Mosquito A super interactive game that makes mosquito trapping super fun, especially since mosquitoes are very cute and you have 4 magic hammers to catch them. Can be played by children from 4 years old to grandparents with sharp eyesight and very detail-oriented. 
  • Group of friends: Word Colony It’s a cool way to learn new things about the world around building word colonies, and having a lot of fun at the same time. Basically, it can be played by everyone up to 10years old.
  • Couples: Go game– Enjoy an authentic experience and discover the mysteries of the world’s oldest board game together with your soulmate. It’s an ageless game, so any couple will enjoy it.

3. Create a cozy board game place in your house

… And enjoy it every time you need a break from the screens. It would be perfect if you could have a room or an area of your home that is always disconnected from the internet. I know it sounds crazy, but it can be extremely comforting for your brain.

A small corner in your living room, on your terrace or in any other place you don’t  use too often is also suitable. Design it to your taste: put a table with a bowl of fruit on it or another healthy snack, and your favorite games next to it in such a way that it’s easy to see and reach them.

Create a pleasant atmosphere that you’ll enjoy coming back to again and again. Within a short time, your mind will associate this corner with relaxation and amazing fun moments, and unplugging will become a natural process. 

4. Host board game nights at your home

Remember the board game corner I mentioned above? Use it on a large scale. Take the initiative in your group of friends and organize a digital detox night at your home. Challenge all participants to leave their phones at home and dedicate yourselves to a memorable evening of board games.

In the meanwhile, buy a classic wall clock. The fun will last longer than you expected and you might want to know what time it is at some point.

5. Take your favorite board game in your vacation 

We all know that even on holidays we are unable to disconnect completely. Make a regular practice and travel with at least one board game in your luggage. Thus, when you’ll be wasting your time scrolling your smartphone screen, you’ll have at hand a nicely little board game. It will complete your relaxing mood with lots of cheerful moments. 

Check out ROOVI’s travel board games collection and select your favorite games  for a pleasant stay in any destination in the world.


Like any other types of detox, a removal from the digital world is more effective if done over an extended period of time. With board games the challenge is easier as they give a sort of ‘positive addiction’. So unplugging will be done naturally, without causing frustration or distress.

Ready for your digital detox through board games? Explore ROOVI’s board game collection and enrich your life with priceless moments of happiness.