We are ROOVI. Open minded. Fun. Enthusiastic.

We believe in the power of play for over 20 years.

Our Mission

Play is a serious thing: It shapes and models people, it creates strong personalities, and provides unlimited experiences. But in a fast moving world, where the never-enough 24 hours bring more pressure into everyman’s life, people struggle to find a balance.

That’s why, with everything we do, we try to help people regain their quality time.

We have a dream

Our vision is to help create a better, happier, and more fulfilled life for everyone.

Together with our partners we want to help people experience a new approach to the world of games & puzzles, where there’s a place for everyone, from small kids to grown-ups, by providing them the right tools.

Core values

At ROOVI we stand true to our core values that have guided us since our founding and helped us build strong business relationships, becoming a trusted partner of large retailers and SMEs around the world.





Discover the benefits of having a partner account for your company and explore a whole new Universe of possibilities, enriching your portfolio with new and appealing quality games and puzzles.

Our story

We have an authentic story

What started as a family business located in the heart of Romania, in Transylvania, grew out to be one of the most successful puzzles & games manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe. 

For over 20 years we have been building our company with Passion and an open mind towards Innovation, developing deep & stable roots and high values.

Staying true to our core values has been our top priority. 

High quality, accessibility, and diversity of our portfolio are key values that guide us for over two decades.

with high expectations for the Future

But time has come to dream some more and write the next chapter of this wonderful story. 

In 2021, the Black Sea Fund, a growth-friendly European private equity fund, and co-founders of Swiss start-up CUKIBO, Alex and Dragoș, joined forces with a mission to take the company even further. 

We’re building a new Future, a future that’s digital, strengthening our global presence, and promoting a new culture and business model.



Great diversity

Over 1000 games and puzzles to choose from.

Authentic experience

For over 20 years, through everything we do, we've been encouraging people to relax, be creative and have fun through play and play.

Easy and quick orders

Placing an order should be quick and easy, so we've made it… simple.

Fast shipping

We can ship orders quickly, and delivery costs are low.

Quality in every product

The quality of each product is important and we never make an exception.

We create with love

Both the in-house creative team and the well-known artists we collaborate with create with love and attention to every detail.

Permanent stock

Due to the large production and storage capacity, we can say that we almost always have the products in stock.

Environment friendly

We use ecological materials and responsibly recycle cardboard and paper, because we care.



We produce responsibly, with care for people and nature, eco-friendly games and puzzles that can be recycled in proportion to 90%.

Untitled-1_eco paint

Eco paint

Untitled-1_adhesive eco

Eco adhesive

Untitled-1_recycled paper

Recyclable cardboard and paper